Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Week 36 (and Week 35 Addendum)

Nothing too life altering to report this week.  We have just been desperate to have our little routine back and to feel like we have finally kicked about four weeks worth of jet lag to the curb.  I celebrated my birthday with my two favorite fellas on Friday.  The fabulous patio furniture set and grill I had picked out for myself (because sometimes you just have to take these matters into your own hands) came the morning we returned home from New York.  The perfect thing to cheer us up!  We are just begging for Spring to slink out of its shell full force and our thoughts have turned to outside toys, gardening, and barbecues. Of course it rained all the rest of the week, but by Friday, we had the grill going at least and by Sunday evening, we were sitting outside on our cushioned chairs with a glass of wine and enjoying some al fresco dining.  It was a lovely way to conclude the week. 

I have included a few photographs from our time in New York since I focused only on the family photo last week....
IMG_5631 IMG_5627-1
Yes, I intend to ingest this entire massive bowl of non-nutritional, bland pasta in a matter of minutes and then mercilessly beg you for dessert because this $8 entree that cost about 50 cents to make didn't fill the bottomless pit of a stomach I mysteriously only have once dessert (or bedtime) rolls around.  
What of it?
This child is way too cool to be a product of me or Keegan...clearly.
IMG_5630 Week 35 Abridged and Week 368 IMG_5663
Had to bring his cool factor down a notch.... :)
IMG_5726 Week 35 Abridged and Week 3610 Week 35 Abridged and Week 369 Week 35 Abridged and Week 367 Week 35 Abridged and Week 361
It was a sad occasion for Keegan to be home but we were able to enjoy a lovely Mother's Day with his mom at the beach and in Southampton for lunch regardless.
Week 35 Abridged and Week 362 IMG_5685
Tried (but failed) to get a photo of my little guy looking oh so handsome in his funeral garb.  He was WAY too busy with PB&J and his cousins for that...
Week 35 Abridged and Week 36-001
Playing with Daddy's old cars...
IMG_5650 IMG_5654 Week 35 Abridged and Week 36 Week 35 Abridged and Week 363 Week 35 Abridged and Week 366
Dear London, we have BIG plans for our new grill and barbecue season.  Do NOT disappoint with this continued rubbish weather.  People, make reservations at Chez Anderson Patio NOW!!
Week 35 Abridged and Week 365 Week 35 Abridged and Week 364

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  1. i am always happy to see pics of my westhampton!! and i love that you have added rubbish to your vocab!! :)