Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Week 3

I think almost every person I spoke to about moving to London, raised an amused eyebrow and said, "Oh yeah, London is AWESOME.  (meaningful pause) The weather isn't so great though....."  Well, this week certainly seemed to diminish that description a bit.  When I tell people here I am from California, I receive pity, a rub on the shoulder, and a look that seems to say, "Oh, you poor, crazy fool.  What on Earth would you move here for?!"  Ask me in a couple of weeks, but for now my reply to that is, .... whatever...we just keep on keeping on.  I continue to walk Liam to school, 1 mile each way (which, if you haven't done the math yet, is one mile there+one mile back to the house+one mile there+one mile back to the house, which in effect = a marathon by the end of the week!), the shoes get sloppy wet, the hair a complete frizzy mess five minutes after I style it, and a bit of a chill settles deep into the bones.  But hey, I am in London people.  I have a boy.  He is four.  What am I supposed to do, sit in front of the fire with a glass of wine and watch BBC while Liam literally bounces off the walls?!  As lovely as that sounds and incidentally, is probably just what my upstairs neighbor does all day (minus the bouncing Liam)....we have things to do.  This week was all about exploring . . . . in the mist, in between raindrops, under the umbrella, stomping through puddles, etc.  Forge ahead.

Forge ahead and attend a traditional Sunday roast at your local pub while the rain pours down outside and the fire blazes inside.  This is in fact quite spiritual for those of you wondering why am I not paying the church due visit.  This is how we started Week 3 here in London :)
Liam and I headed out to some amazing museums this week as well.  Our landlord recommended the Museum of Natural History and the Science museum, both of which A. Kept us dry ....and.... B. Were absolutely stunning both in architecture and content.  I had to drag Liam out of both of them.  C. One word....FREE!!!
52 Weeks6-1
IMG_1963-1 IMG_0030-1
We don't always explore indoors when it's raining.  We headed up to the Hampstead Heath one day for some romping around after hitting the museums.  I mean, come on England.  Just ridiculously beautiful.  The whole time, I was envisioning coordinating a fantastic photoshoot . . . an engagement, a family shoot, or even just the oh-so-fun Annual Anderson Family Christmas Card Self Shoot.  I expect this blog will be seeing more Hampstead Heath photos...IMG_1977-1
52 Weeks3-1 IMG_1983-1  52 Weeks4-1 
Ok, ok.....I talk a big game.  Yes, we get out there, but not without the requisite humungous Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie and Cappuccino or better yet, a bag of salty potato chips and a pint of....well...anyway...you get what I am saying....  The rewards for exploration and good attitudes in the rain are great . . . both for Liam and Mommy :)52 Weeks5-1

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