Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 4

Occasionally, out of nowhere, a wave of "This vacation has been really great, but gosh, isn't it about time we went home now?!" passes over me.  Walking around the streets of London, seemingly going about a normal life, seemingly maintaining our normal routine, I feel sometimes anything but normal.  Like a visitor in someone else's life.  Where are all of our belongings?!  Where are all of our friends?!  Why is there an entire aisle devoted to biscuits in the grocery store and why does everyone sound so much more distinguished than me, even when yelling obscenities back and forth from the car?!

Then, a huge double decker bus will go rambling by an inch from the sidewalk and shake me back to reality.  The unmistakable beauty of our neighborhood and new places we continue to explore overcomes my sadness for home.  The novelty of hopping on a plane to Scotland on Friday for the weekend makes me giddy (stay tuned for week 5 photos of that trip!!).  The rest of Europe beckons.  My husband comes home from work everyday with a smile on his face and my son is, to put in B's (my relocation coach from Securely B) words, "just a little dude embracing his new British persona) And . . . well frankly . . . the biscuits are quite tasty.

52 Weeks3-2
As in interesting foil to all of the classic beauty by which we are surrounded, Liam and I checked out the East end early last week for some vintage furniture shopping.  While I was shooting the below images, Liam wanted to know why I was taking pictures of such ugly things.  Oh young MUCH I have to teach you . . .
Desktop15 52 Weeks4-2
Heading down to the depths of the Tube . . . IMG_2092 IMG_2093
I think the fact Liam learns the majority of his reading skills this year will be one more reason London will be so memorable for me and this time in our life together.  Liam spontaneously started working on some words while I was cooking.  It's funny how it all kind of comes out of his head in such a jumbled way, but I think to him it makes perfect sense.  These are words he was working on, not left to right, top to bottom, but bottom to top, starting at the bottom right hand corner, going across, and then up to the next rows respectively from left to right, right to left, left to right.  Should be an interesting year :)


  1. Thank you for sharing! You are, in addition to being an incredible photographer, an excellent writer! /Maria the swede

  2. Love this post - Have fun this weekend!!

  3. Hi Sarah, my name is Geraldine and I am Catherine's Mum. Cat works with Keegan at Fisher. It has been a pleasure to read your blog so far, it is very interesting to see London through the eyes of someone exploring it for the first time. Having been born and brought up here I think we take London for granted. I very much look forward to reading your future blogs and seeing London in a new light, together with your beautiful photographs. I hope you all settle well and enjoy your new lives here. Kind regards, Geraldine

    1. Hi Geraldine,
      Thank you so much for the kind words and for the support! I really enjoy reflecting on our time here this way and it's so nice to know there are people out there listening :) I am sure our paths will cross at some point . . . Keegan is quite fond of Catherine and hopefully we will get to spend some time together outside of Fisher one of these days! Until then, Cheers!
      Warm Regards,

  4. I love the wonder of what type of photos your're taking. So funny!