Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 7

It’s hard to believe we are already wrapping up week 7 here in London.  People continuously ask me with what seems to be a mixture of grave concern and slight bewilderment, how I am doing.  It’s a rare thing to stop and think about this foreign concept of myself and my well being whilst chasing after a tireless four year old for the better part of the day.  However, I tried this week to really put it into perspective so I could have some coherent answer to this popular question besides, “Um, good . . . uh, yeah . . . (deflection) Liam has transitioned beautifully . . . errrr . . . (moment of clarity) Keegan really loves his new job . . . and oh yeah . . .(change the subject) the Flat is great . . . “  No wonder my pseudo answers never seem to turn away those imploring stares that burn straight into my soul.  I suppose it’s fairly straightforward . . . Life is really pretty good regardless of circumstance as long as we still have our family unit up and running (unlike our internet connection and cable which we are still patiently awaiting), I have a few hours of work to do every day while Liam is at school, I can fit in a little exercise somewhat regularly, and finally, I am able to find even just one or two really good friends with whom I can chat about tireless four year old, family unit disconnects, waiting over 2 months for internet connection in the UK, etc.  The packing, the goodbyes, the leaving.  Now that broke my heart.  More than I thought because to me at least, it felt like the end of something really great, not the least of which was the end of another fun summer.  So perfectly timed though.  Close one door, open another.  The end of summer, the beginning of school. The last glimpses of warm weather as we stretched our legs out, the beautiful colors and forewarning yet awakening chill of Autumn settling in.  All coinciding with starting a new life.  The hard part is over.  Now it’s time to hunker down and wait for winter, to welcome the [VERY early] twinkling allusions to Christmas, to light the fire in our living room, and . . . 
to finally feel at Home. 
IMG_2316 IMG_2358 IMG_2369 Week 71 Week 7 Week 72 
And....just because I never want to take this too seriously, this week we took Liam to a city farm.  If you don't know what that is, and believe me, I did not either, it's just what you may think.  A farm.  In the city.  Complete with hay and manure and a train track running along the side.  Bizarre, yes.  Pumpkin yielding, no.  But great pigs though don't you think?!  
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  1. Isn't it funny when asked "How are You?" we tend to answer about the other people in our life...what everyone else is doing. That's a mother's trait I guess.