Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week 6

As a nod to our former days as good ole American connoisseurs of Halloween, this weekend I attempted to set up a visit to a farm to pick some pumpkins from a field.  This vision came to a grinding halt when the first local I asked looked at me sideways, and said, “You know you can get pumpkins in the grocery store, right....?!”  Right then.  Moving on.  Instead, I went furniture shopping.  And might I add, selfishly enjoyed myself WAY more than driving multiple hours to find said farm in the middle of nowhere only to spend five minutes tromping around a glorified mud puddle ISO perfectly shaped pumpkin (which of course doesn’t exist to my ever specific, detail oriented 4 year old), and paying large sums of money for a large pile of imperfect pumpkins (because according to 4 year old, if you can't get quality, go for quantity) that rot roughly 8 hours after we carve them.  Call me scrooge if you must, but secretly (and not so secretly as I confess to unknown amounts of people at this very moment), as an adult and parent, I despise Halloween and was relieved to hear for the most part, Brits fancy it just as much.  Brilliant.

Bonus - the furniture shopping was an extreme success.  I left the boys at home on Saturday and went on a little adventurous excursion by myself.  Apparently, vintage furniture is synonymous with gritty neighborhood shops so I had quite the back alley tourist experience.  Loved every minute of it.  I felt as though I was blazing my own trails from shop to shop, throwing caution to the wind, and paying no heed to Frommer . . . because let’s face it . . . sometimes the best thing you can do in a city is to run as fast as you can away from the sites in the guidebooks (unless of course, what you want to do in a new city is fraternize with a bunch of other American connoisseurs of Halloween).  In the meantime I managed to find a couple of cool little neighborhoods I wouldn’t mind taking Keegan and Liam back to AND currently I am sitting in a proper chair, NOT on the floor, and my computer is sitting on a proper desk NOT on a cardboard box.  Now how the hell am I going to get this desk home on the plane .  .  . 

Photographs of Tube stations just never seem to get old . . . 52 Weeks10 52 Weeks11 IMG_2281 52 Weeks12 IMG_2292 And for those of you who thought I was kidding about an entire aisle being devoted to "Biscuits . . ." IMG_0104Cheers!  Ok, ok, Happy Halloween too.

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